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Industrial Rigging: How to Ensure Safety of Workers

Workers involved with industrial rigging and lifting handle many different types of equipment and erect large structures on a daily basis. These operations come with a number of challenges, which can prove hazardous to the workers.…

5 Forms of Crane Equipment You Should Consider Before Hire

If you have recently started a construction company, chances are you will want to keep your operational costs low, yet efficient. One way to  accomplish this is buy renting a crane hire rather than purchasing your own crane equipment. With the amount…

Safety First for Crane Rental and Heavy Equipment Leasing

Southwest Industrial Rigging (SIR) has six full-service divisions that provide rental and leasing of cranes and other industrial machinery used for lifting, moving, hauling, storage, specialty rigging, and transportation services for both indoor and…

5 Precautions to Take when You’re Near a Crane

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