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How to Ensure Safe Medical Equipment Transport

Before you decide on a method for medical equipment transport, be aware of medical devices that require refrigeration. It's especially important to study the manufacturer's instructions to  ensure the equipment is stored at the proper temperature.…

When Boom Trucks are Necessary

When it comes to building or moving equipment, boom trucks are helpful machines. . The boom is a long extension attached to the vehicle  that may include a bucket which lifts workers to high elevations. Here are reasons why you may need to rent one…

Top 10 Rigging Safety Tips

Operating rigging machinery requires intense preparation and focus to ensure the safety of people, equipment and property. Here are ten essential rigging safety tips.

How to Avoid Crane Accidents

When you lease or rent heavy equipment in Phoenix, you should be well versed in crane safety. Most of the time crane accidents are due to human error and are preventable. Here are ways to make sure that you operate heavy equipment safely when renting…